Community Colleges Weigh In

Another group against gainful employment is weighing in. The Chronicle of Higher Education reported that the American Association of Community Colleges is asking community college leaders to submit comments during the process and ask that the Department of Education reconsider the rule. The Chronicle reported:

“In a letter sent to community-college leaders today, George R. Boggs, the association’s president, acknowledged that the proposed rule—which would cut off federal aid to institutions whose students carry high debt-to-income ratios and have low loan-repayment rates—would have a ‘limited’ impact on community colleges, but added: ‘Our goal in shaping these regulations is not just to ensure that community colleges remain eligible for federal aid, but also that clearing the bar will be simple and straightforward as possible.’”

With about 2 weeks left in the NPRM process, it seems as though more and more people are coming out to voice their opinions.


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